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Providing a new playbook for pro-democracy candidates and activists to build power in Indiana.

The MAGA supermajority in Indiana has passed cruel policies that deprives Hoosiers of fundamental freedoms. Hoosier Victory Alliance has built a new playbook to change the electoral landscape in Indiana to support candidates for state and local office.

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HVA has created a campaign academy to train candidates and their volunteer staff members on HOW to run a campaign in Indiana. From helping prospective candidates decide whether to run, teaching candidates how to express their core values, showing volunteer campaign managers how to access better data and turn that into a functional field operation, HVA has pro-democracy candidates' backs. We know the old campaign playbook doesn't work here in Indiana, so we've developed a new one based on best practices from battleground states and formerly red states that have shifted to purple or blue


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Too many legislative seats go uncontested every year. We will never win more seats if we leave so many to MAGA without a fight. We will work with Every State Blue, which has developed Blue Ohio, Blue Texas, and Blue Missouri. We will set up Blue Indiana, where we will crowdfund money for candidates to contest every seat in the state legislature. The more candidates who run, even in districts who haven't seen a pro-democracy candidate in decades, we can knock on more doors and bring out more voters than we have in the past. We are in the stage of raising money to set up Blue Indiana and ask for donations of any amount to move forward with the program.


HVA is conducting deep qualitative research on suburban moms and what their main concerns are so our candidates can address the concerns that every mom across the political spectrum holds. Our plan is to extend this research to young voters to engage them as other states have done.

We're also doing deep data analysis of voter files and other sources that will help us more accurately target Hoosier voters and infrequent-voters to support candidates.

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We will offer a hands-on, how-to course for campaign managers (volunteer or professional), candidates, and campaign teams to show exactly how to run a local or state campaign. This will allow small campaigns with even smaller budgets to learn what they need to know to reach voters, even if they've never done it before. We'll provide details on how to develop campaign values, candidate statements, messaging frameworks, as well as mailing pieces, yard signs, and other materials. We'll teach campaigns how to do call time, ground organizing, and where to get the best data. And more.

Once we raise the money to fund Blue Indiana, we'll crowdfund money to contest every seat in the General Assembly.

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HVA is starting from scratch to build the framework to speak directly with pro-democracy Hoosiers. We launched a deep research project to get to know voters and their deepest concerns, so we can engage with them on the issues they care most about.


MAGA Republicans in Indiana have controlled the way we talk about politics and issues for decades. It's time we take the power back to frame our perspective. By talking about what we're for, how our values affect everyone's lives, and our vision of what life in our state could be if we work together, we'll change the conversation together.

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Thanks for contacting us. We'll be in touch soon.

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