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Build Political Power.
Empower Pro-Democracy Voters to
Take Back Indiana.

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Gerrymandering and voter suppression have made Indiana's elected leaders far more extreme than the majority of Hoosiers. The MAGA-captured legislature has passed bills that strip Hoosiers of their freedoms and work to divide neighbor from neighbor.

Despite Indiana's MAGA supermajority legislature, we know Indiana voters are more evenly divided. But pro-democracy voters are discouraged and disenfranchised, and many don't even make it to the polls.


We will work with Every State Blue to set up Blue Indiana to crowdfund funding for candidates for every single legislative race. We are in the stage of raising money to set up Blue Indiana and ask for donations of any amount to move forward with the program.




Even after we set up a funding mechanism for state legislative candidates, we will help educate campaign volunteers — not just what needs to be done to run and win a political campaign — but HOW to implement campaign playbooks. Watch this space for more information.

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Our podcast What the Gerrymander hosted by Heidi Beidinger and HVA co-founder Stephanie Gerber Wilson, investigates what it takes to build political power in MAGA-captured areas. Together we’ll discover what it takes to win in parts of America dominated by MAGA and its adherents.



David Pepper, Founder of Blue Ohio and Author Laboratories of Autocracy. 

Nick Roberts, GenZ Candidate for Indy City Council

Josh Lowry, Former State Senate candidate and husband of City Council candidate Alexis Lowry

Kim Allen, Founder of Power the Vote and Blue Texas

Veronica Pejril, City Council Member, Greencastle IN and only transgender elected official in Indiana

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HVA is starting from scratch to build the framework to speak directly with pro-democracy Hoosiers. We launched a deep research project to get to know voters and their deepest concerns, so we can engage with them on the issues they care most about.


MAGA Republicans in Indiana have controlled the way we talk about politics and issues for decades. It's time we take the power back to frame our perspective. By talking about what we're for, how our values affect everyone's lives, and our vision of what life in our state could be if we work together, we'll change the conversation together.

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We will offer a hands-on, how-to course for campaign managers (volunteer or professional), candidates, and campaign teams to show exactly how to run a local or state campaign. This will allow small campaigns with even smaller budgets to learn what they need to know to reach voters, even if they've never done it before. We'll provide details on how to develop campaign values, candidate statements, messaging frameworks, as well as mailing pieces, yard signs, and other materials. We'll teach campaigns how to do call time, ground organizing, and where to get the best data. And more.

Once we raise the money to fund Blue Indiana, we'll crowdfund money to contest every seat in the General Assembly.

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